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political analyst. ari, you said earlier and i heard you, that you didn't believe that mr. ryan was acting out of kilter there but was being fairly reasonable with a rather jumped up local reporter. but isn't it the case that every ailment in society according to paul ryan is solved by tax cuts? everything from leprosy to the deficit? >> i think that's his you view. >> so that was a fair interaction. >> one of the problems we have is sort of the jumpiness. andrew sullivan finds a poll, freaks out, and you kind of got to tell him to fall back, and i saw at least on buzz feed they originally ran with the big headline that ryan stormed out of this interview and then people said, well, he ended it early. you get caught up on those kerfuffles. it's a clear illustration of his view. i don't think he was out of line in the way he answered the question. he pointed only to charities to solve these problems. there's reames of research that shows local charities do great work but they cannot conquer the kind of issue that is were on the table there. >> i don't know, to that point, the specific elemen
today, well, he was a bit incredulous about that line at an event in indiana. >> mr. ryan said last night that governor romney was a car guy. i thought, well, if having an elevator to stack them counts, i guess he was. >> now president clinton, don't you go down that line that mr. romney is just a plutocrat who will never get the 47% to take the responsibility for their own lives and car storage. paul ryan has got his back and will defend him to the gates of hell. >> mitt romney is a good man. he cares about 100% of americans in this country, and with respect to that quote, i think the vice president very well knows that sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way. >> but i always say what i mean. and so does romney. >> yes, except mr. romney only says what he means in quiet rooms. let's get right to our panel. here in new york msnbc contributor ari melber and msnbc political analyst karen finney, and in washington msnbc contributor jonathan capehart. karen, i must have been watching the wrong channel because on the most serious issues, the most pressing issues, p
, professor dyson, this condition has mutated into a much more virulent form, case in point paul ryan. mr. ryan voted against the lilly ledbetter act, supported the blunt amendment, co-spon esored two bills with todd "legitimate rape" bills. do you think it's time for mr. ryan to be forcibly hospitalized to prevent further damage to his reputation? >> first of all, we have to see if william butler yates was left handed. what's interesting is romnesi eric seems to be accompanied by another disease, ryanopia, the incapacity and inability to acknowledge you held positions and those positions you cherished so deeply are now, you know, if you will, relegated to the side, and what takes place is a kind of policy about which you have no conviction. is romnesia and ryanopia seem to be pre-existing conditions that need to be dealt with by on obama-like surgical procedure that might remove them. and so far biden and obama have been on the case as physicians to heal the soul of american politics, and they seem to be doing pretty well if we look at the polls, which is the poll surgery. right now it s
to you, krystal, because we talked about his opponent, mr. ryan. biden has always been able to sell himself as a president who can relate to the middle class. listen to him doing the 2008 debate. >> look, i understand what it's like to be a single parent. when my wife and daughter died and my two sons were gravely injured. i understand what it's like to wonder if your kid is going to make it. the notion that because i'm a man doesn't know what it's like to raise two children alone. i know what it's like to not know if a child is going to make it. i understand. i understand as well as, with all due respect, the governor or anybody else for those people sitting around those kitchen table and, guess what, they are looking for help. they are looking for help. >> that is one of the strong suits, i think, of vice president biden. he can relate and he's gone through experiences that make him even more compassionate than your average politician, krystal. >> i think you're exactly right. it should be pointed out, too, that it takes a lot of courage to be that vulnerable in front of the ameri
. one of the things that paul ryan has pledged to do and now mr. romney as well is day one get rid of insurance coverage for birth control for women. you know, 99% of women rely on birth control. this isn't a social issue for women, it's a basic economic issue. it's incredible to have someone running for president who is so out of touch with what women need. >> thank you both. you're being cheered by the crowd and cheered back here in new york. thank you. >> thank you. >>> next, the president talks up his running mate in the sunshine state. stay with you. >> i have never seen clips of a debate, i have never watched any of those reruns from four years ago. >> really? >> from the acceptance speech to the debate or anything, no. life goes on, you move forward, and i don't rehash the past. two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help those affected and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. and bp's also committed to america. w
romney and paul ryan were saying. the point where mr. romney interrupted mr. ryan was when he said, you know, he was just acting so -- and romney jumped in, careful. careful. ixnay on the talking. at his first post-debate appearance today in wisconsin, vice president joe biden took the final topic of last night's debate, issue of abortion rights and hit paul ryan with it pretty forcefully. >> if anyone had a doubt about what's at stake in this election, when it comes to women's rights, and the supreme court, i'm sure they were settled last night. it was made clear last night that they don't believe in protecting a woman's access to health care. it was made very clear that they do not believe a woman has a right to control her own body. these guys have a social policy out of the '50s. >> that was joe biden's first major campaign appearance today after last night's big event with paul ryan. now, paul ryan's first public appearance after last night's debate was not that moment on the tarmac with mitt romney with the funny microphone, it was actually this. his campaign did one of those odd,
detailed isss and show his command of the issues. mr. ryan's answer is, as comprehensive as he was allowed to be, not a game changer but joe biden was on offense. a >> i remember him saying that nothing he just said was true. this is something the democrats have been clamoring for since last week. >> huffing and puffing suggesting that he was obfuscating and not able to proposals.romney's and are the details that are consistent with the facts. spinning has already begun. the campaign manager making the argument that mr. ryan was unable to explain the details and defend them among the various proposals. senior adviser to the romney campagin in that joe biden was not able to defend the president's record. both sides making their cases aggressively, and no clear knockdown, but some very tough uppercuts. >> and that leaves us for a week from matter at the university that could be a game changer. >> absolutely. >> a quick commercial break and we'll come back for a little more analysis measures... measure up. money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our sch
. ryan, playing off the title of mr. ryan's book, "young guns." he used eyebrow raising rhetoric. some called the comments over the top. bruce springsteen, alongside president clinton regarding the campaign >> governor romney's argument is, we're not fixed, so fire him and put me in. why in the wide world would you chunk a strategy that is working for one you know will not work? >> reporter: ohio and wisconsin are the states seen as the election firewall, because winning them means they could lose every other key state, including florida, nevada, virginia, colorado. and still get a win with 271 electoral votes. news polls in the states show the obama-joe biden ticket still holding a small edge, in iowa, an eight-point advantage, in wisconsin, six points, obama, 51, romney, 45. >> and we saw no difference in the real polls, before tuesday's debate compared to those polled last night, but we did see an uptick in the polls last night when asked which way the country was heading in that direction. and by the way, brian, as you know, the president and mitt romney are in your neck of the woo
close to making mr. ryan look like a first-class. >> mr. ryan's concern for those in need didn't really come through that day so today he tried again. he gave a policy speech promoted by his campaign on poverty and when it was over i thought maybe he should stick to washing pots. >> we believe that americans are in instead of a stag nabt government. >> mr. ryan's speech was filled with platitudes to please the right wing. watching him you couldn't help but wonder, who was he to give this speech. after all, the budget that bears his name for projects like food stamps and medicaid and pell grants, programs that in need desperately need. his policy is bad enough. but his arrogance may be worse. after all, what makes congressman paul ryan expert on communities. and giving him the experience and expertise to literally know what he's talking about in taking on the unique challenges faced by diverse communities? paul ryan's congressional district is 85% white, 7.5% hispanic, 5% black. how is he an authority on poverty representing a district where the income is 12% higher than the national ave
. but there are a ton of these problems in mr. ryan's record. and there's never been a brighter spotlight on it than there was last night. like there was this exchange on the military. >> you don't cut defense by $1 trillion. that's what we're talking about. this invites weakness. look, do we believe in peace through strength? we bet you t you bet we do. >> devastating cuts on our military. when paul ryan condemns defense cuts as a nefarious democratic idea that he is fighting vali t valiantvalian valiantly against he did not mention he voted in favor of those exact same defense cuts. also on the issue of medicare, i mean, maybe it's been said enough now that it doesn't need to be said every time, but once again at the debate paul ryan pounded his chest and criticized democrats for a change in medicare funding that he's denouncing on the campaign trail. last night as a $716 billion cut to medicare. well, that's a cut to medicare that he put in his loan paown pn budget. you can be before that thing or against that thing but cannot simultaneously be for that thing and against that thing not if we're
that were the vice president and mr. paul ryan, making negative comments about them. i just think that -- did we say we are in strong the country, but let me tell you what makes you week. when you can be rude and disrespectful to the authorities of this country. everybody talks about their relievers -- they want to do the right thing. nobody is really doing the right thing. we are not a respectful country. there is so much rudeness. until we corrected that issue in this country, we are not moving forward. i would like to think other countries see us as a laughing stock. until we correct that problem of respect in this country -- respect for each other and the authorities of this country -- we will not be the country we can be. that is what i need to say. >> next up is linda from a west virginia. >> hello. this is linda from west virginia. i am going to go with mr. romney and paul ryan. i thought of vice-president joe biden was very rude. he cut all right and off all the time, like he did not want to hear what he said. on the abortion issue, i agree with the -- they said they suppo
in with a question of my own, perhaps about a certain senate candidate from indiana and mr. ryan's shared view on the miracle of conception. however, that conception may occur. it was to our great disappointment to learn moments before our broadcast that the event is now off. that the whole thing according to the ryan campaign was an erroneous report. the event you see listed here, an erroneous report. we called the faith and freedom coalition and they insisted there was nothing erroneous about the release, that the town hall. been agreed upon last week. when asked why mr. ryan would call his participation an erroneous report, we were told by the coalition, quote, it was unclear. what is clear is that the romney/ryan ticket knows precisely how toxic mr. mourdock's rape comments are and they know how damaging mr. ryan's own views on a woman's right to choose may prove to the electorate. so a telly town hall meeting where the questions would be screamed by the conservative faith in freedom coalition, let me repeat, the questions would be prescreened, that forum was apparently too hot for poor mr
, mr. gillespie, because your vice presidential candidate, paul ryan, did not get to seem that memo about media bias. here he is on that exact same network four days later. >> i think it goes without saying there is definitely a media bias. i think most people in mainstream media are left of center and they want a very left of center president versus a conservative president like mitt romney. >> yes, some republicans want to pin team romney's troubles on anything other than their inept campaign built around two deeply flawed candidates. however, i should point out that cannot be said of all conservatives. >> there's been a lot of filtering going on. i'm not going to gan mr. coverage in a campaign. if you do that, you're losing. >> joining us in los angeles, matt miller, a "washington post" columnist and dr. james peterson, an associate professor at lehigh university and a contributor. ryan has been calling conservatives in the media, quote, after weeks of mounting criticism, ryan reportedly felt compelled to respond in a friendly way to the beltway buzz. are conservatives n
and over again. by our last count, at least 21 time. what's the matter there, mr. ryan? got a little cotton mouth? last night the romney/ryan effort was exposed as a shield for the extreme far right and vice president biden drove that point home again and again today, campaigning right in ryan's home state of wisconsin. >> it was made clear last night that they don't believe in protecting a woman's access to health care. it was made very clear that they do not believe a woman has a right to control her own body. these are are the folks who talk about 47% of the american people being unwilling to take responsibility. of it's time romney and ryan say we're going to level the playing field. we're going to give you a fair shot again. >> paul ryan has been saying he wanted a big debate. well, last night he got one and today their whole dishonest campaign is sorry he did. joining me now, dana milbank for "the washington post" and marge. >> nowhere more than when biden nailed him on the gop's attack on the stimulus. watch. >> i love my friend here. i'm not allowed to show letters but go to our web
but moving on --. >>guest: hasn't mr. ryan voted consistently --. >>chris: if i may --. >>guest: mr. ryan --. >>chris: joe biden didn't agree with a lot of president obama's positions but you listen to the guy . >>guest: but he has flipped positions now. that is news, mr. ryan. >>chris: actually, moving on to libya for some period of time and the continuing controversy over the attack on the u.s. consulate in beach embassy that killed four people, we learned on friday the c.i.a. operators on the ground repeatedly requested military backup and were refused and they also asked to be able to go from the annex where they were over to the consulate to help out there and were refused. this week, the father of one of the navy seals, charlie wood, spoke out. >> my son violated his orders in order to protect the lives of at at least 30 people. he risked his life to be a hero. i wish the leadership in the white house had that same level of moral courage and heroism that my son displayed with his life. >>chris: senator you'd come you are on the senate armed services committee and the senate intellig
will pull this out. >> i'm hopeful that mr. ryan will tell the truth. >> romney's coach gave his opinion as to how the next debate will go >> we didn't go after governor romney as much so i think both men will be prepared. >> reporter: biden said he's prepared. foreign and domestic policy issues will be in place. it's the only vice presidentable debate before the election. >> you can watch the debate live thursday starting at 6:00. it's being held in dan vile kentucky. >>> one of the state ballot items has to do with genetic engineering with foot. opponents say the foods are fda approved and safe. >> genetically modified foods are no different than any type of crop and that's why they don't require labeling today. >> we believe they're problematic, links to allergies and other effects showing up in studies and environmental problems. >> reporter: latest polls show it is favored by 2 to 1. >>> we told you there was plenty to do in san francisco today. the 39th annual astro street fair. many set up stages a
with the american public. i'm just hopeful that mr. ryan will tell the truth. >> from a's farmer debate coach give his opinion on how the next will go -- romney's former coach gave his opinion. >> we did not go after him so you need to turn up the heat. >> biden says he's ready. foreign and domestic policy issues will both be in play. it's the only vice-presidential debate before the november 6th election. >> another note, the presidential candidates are out campaigning while their running mates are preparing for the debate. romney is spending a third day in florida and the president come as you can see, will be rallying support in los angeles. >> senate hopefuls in virginia will be facing off in a debate tomorrow in richmond. that will be held on october 18th on the virginia tech campus. there are running for webb's open seat. >> tonight, we have a metro service update. work on the red line is forcing trains to single track between judiciary square and fort totten. between stadium-armory and cheverly. "extend through closing monday because it is a holiday weekend. -- work will extend through mond
this evening as mr. ryan, the campaign says that's because it's shorter. romney will be watching the debate from his hotel room in asheville, north carolina. we're told that president obama will be watching the festivities from air force one, as he flies from miami back to the white house. we, of course, will be watching it right here, all night, diane, ringside. >> we sure will, jake. mr. ryan. well, coming up, as we've been saying, these are two extraordinary opponents representing two different generations. biden, 69, ryan, 42. for the first time in history, though, both men are catholic. and they bring two very come compelling stories to the stage. abc's david muir tells us about that. david? >> reporter: great to see you, diane, from kentucky tonight. let me show you how they're framing the debate. this poster is up all over the place. thrill in the ville. and as you point out, these two men will be sparring over very different policies tonight, but as we discovered today, they actually have quite a bit in common. their political paths both began when they were young. joe biden, 29, wh
. >> but hasn't mr. ryan, though, voted consistently. >> chris he has taken the position of mr. romney which is to allow those exceptions. if i may -- >> mr. ryan's voting record is one -- >> chris: joe biden didn't agree with a lot of barack obama's positions but you listen to the guy in the top job. >> but mr. ryan has flipped his positions now. i guess that is news. >> chris: no, actually had it for some period of time. let's move on to libya if we can and the continuing controversy over the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi that killed four americans. we learned friday that cia operators on the ground repeatedly requested military backup and were refused and that they also asked to be able to go from the annex where they were over to the consulate to h help out there and were refused. and this week the father of one of the navy seals charlie woods who is the father of slain former navy seal tyrone woods spoke out on it. let's take a look at what he had to say. >> my son violated his orders in order to protect the lives of at least 30 people. he risked his life to be here. i wish t
the vice president, but i heard your segment earlier, and i hope that he does advise mr. ryan, first and foremost, just to tell the truth, unlike what we've heard at the republican convention. zi think the big thing with vice president biden is that he speaks from his heart. is he an earthy guy. he grew up in scranton. of course, represented the state of delaware for a long, long period of time. and i think -- i haven't talked to him, and i didn't see the clip live, but i think all he was really trying to communicate is that the middle class has had some rough times. is he honest about that. progress has been made. i heard you talking earlier, of course, about the jobs numbers. 40 straight months of job growth in the private sector. unemployment now down 7.8%. that's about what it was when president obama came into officoffice in january of 2009. vice president bide seven the real deal. he will give it to you straight. communicates in a way that i think connects with people at a real level. >> do you expect him to because there's a lot of democrats out there looking at the president'
he wants to do and i think that's a big advantage. >> what does mr. ryan do if biden keeps trying the human aspect of these numbers of his? >> i have rarely seen him express the kind of humanity, quantatative easing. he's got a great touch on the trail. it will be interesting tonight because it's no doubt that he's going to play that playing card. >> neither one of you are catholic. a smart columnist, this may end up being a philosophical debate tonight. if you're catholic and pro life, it raises the issues of values. i'm pro choice and i'm not happy about it but it's up to the individual woman to make that decision. it's never an easy issue but you should be listening to your church when it comes to social responsibility and you're cutting every poor person's program. that fight will be fascinating. any chance that that will happen? >> we all know that the bishops, the catholic bishops wrote a letter that did not meet the royal standards. >> i read that. >> that's because of what he did for folks on food and nutrition programs. in addition to that, you have the medicare plan and
, and i really thought mr. ryan thought -- came across as more genuine. >> thank you for the call. the campaign continues tomorrow for joe biden. he will be joined by his wife in a joint appearance at the university of wisconsin. live coverage at 2:45 eastern time here on c-span. also on c-span radio. governor romney, joined by paul ryan, the vice presidential run -- nominee, a joint appearance at 5:40 eastern time, to a clock 44 those of you in the western coast. as the polls show, the rates -- the race has tightened. republican line, cathy. good morning. caller: i was also born at mercy hospital. my concern is about unemployment. i understand they are saying the rates have gone down. i was disappointed because from what i understand, the statistics for unemployment are based on the amount of unemployment checks that are issued and who are being traced, etc. how many people have had their unemployment run out. how the -- how are they being traced ask? i believe they are higher than what is being stated, the unemployment rates. i wish that came out tonight. i do not believe anyone
in less than an hour. mr. ryan has never debated in a world wide forum. while mr. biden has. so it is crunch time for the congressman. mitt romney and the republicans are counting on ryan to continue the momentum and to at least parry anything vice president biden says. can he do it? that is the drama of the debate in kentucky this evening. since the campaign began, the obama team has not dealt with the media very much. even though the media loves the president. the last white house news conference, seven months ago! can you believe it? mr. obama does some soft news, like the late night shows and the view. but rarely sits for policy interviews. i've interviewed the president twice. but indications are he will dodge "the factor" this year. we hope he doesn't. he wants to reach independent voters, this is the place. obviously any interview he does with us will get world wide attention. vice president biden is even worse in the serious media. he's done few national tv interview views and rarely does he talk to local tv people. he's never been on "the factor," although i will talked
bless flint, michigan. so that line of questioning here for mr. ryan was understandable. maybe even predictable. but beyond the newsworthiness of paul ryan getting up and taking off his microphone and ending the interview and beyond the newsworthiness of the campaign going after this reporter, there was what that reporter was able to elicit from paul ryan. there's his prescription for what it takes to get out of poverty if you live in the inner city. >> the best thing to help prevent violent crime in the inner cities is to bring opportunity in the inner cities, help people get out of poverty, help teach people good discipline, good character. >> are all people who are poor only poor because they have not been taught good character? or only poor people in the inner cities who are poor because they don't have good character? they don't have good discipline, they need to be taught that. you watching at home, do you not make a lot of money? was there a time you didn't have a lot of money? is that because you have bad character? if i were the romney/ryan campaign i would probably try to
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 686 (some duplicates have been removed)